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What's Inside?

Sentiment Analysis

News can be good or bad, but it is seldom neutral. That’s why we focus on collecting all of the opinions expressed through news, social media and blogs and process it through our financially-trained system - resulting in valuable fundamental and technical indicators, patterns, trends and predictive metrics.

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News/Content Aggregation

The amount of information is simply overwhelming and the production rate of new content is rapidly increasing. We collect, filter, qualify and aggregate this information from a wide range of sources (such as news, social media and blogs) and provide a single timeline with associated metrics for all your content needs – in near real-time!

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The Bigger Picture & Neutral Point of View

Having knowledge on key events, facts, topics and entities provide a much more accurate perspective of what’s really going on. We extract, quantity, filter and sentiment-score each of these to provide you with semantic metrics and indicators. By collecting and aggregating from multiple sources, we maintain a non-biased, neutral point of view. So you can just focus on making better informed decisions, whatever side of the fence you may stand!

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Speed Matters

Our proprietary technology continuously monitors, collects, filters and analyses the overwhelming amount of informatio – all in a few seconds! When you have faster access to relevant information, you can make faster trading decisions and gain the edge.

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