See the bigger picture enables traders to delve deeper into the markets and companies. By harnessing the power of big data, social media, advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology and analytics, delivers fast, real-time financial information and insights where traditional sources fail to deliver.

Volumetric Sentiment

News is seldom neutral, that’s why we process the opinions expressed about a company through our financially-trained system - resulting in fundamental indicators, patterns, trends and predictive metrics.

Company Pulse

Charts can be hard to read at times. With’s Company Pulse, typical peaks and troughs are levelled out - leaving spikes only when important events affecting a company take place.

Your custom dashboard

With a fully customisable dashboard, you can set and monitor information that maters most to you, be it price, sentiment, volume, or even hot topics (plus much more).

Instantly see a storm story brewing

Through’s advanced Tag Cloud, you can instantly see when a story is forming around a company, topic or person. Utilising social media analytics and NLP,’s Tag Cloud will highlight key words around a story that is forming, giving you an instant insight into a subject that could affect your stocks and shares.

Want to see how can assist you? Check out some of the insights our customers found in these user case studies.

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Traders clean up as Tesco drops Ribena and its share prices

"Our financial product,, could have helped savvy investors monitoring Tesco’s share prices"

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Personalised news feed

With a fully customisable news feed, only delivers insights on companies or industries that you are specifically interested in.

Gathering information from millions of sources every second, delivers near real-time news as it breaks about any industry, company or topic that you want to focus on.

The wider effect of a news story

See even the smallest influences that affect your trading decisions; from global, price-moving events, to local news and chatter from customers that impact how a company operates.

Real-time stock prices

Featuring one of most comprehensive financial platforms around, monitors financial news and live stock prices; enabling you to access real-time information from top indices, thousands of publicly traded companies, across a wide range of sectors, at no extra cost.

Alerts - Coming Soon doesn’t require constant monitoring, setup your own alerts and stay up to date, no matter where you are.*
* Alerts feature wil be released once is out of beta


Powered by Digital Contact is the only financial news platform to be powered Digital Contact’s big data analytics engine*, which allows the user to gain instant insights into the industries they care about.

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Want to see how can assist you? Check out some of the insights our customers found in these user case studies.

View Case Studies (PDF)

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