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Applying for a spread betting account and how to get that more personalised service

Spread betting is now; pardon the pun, a buyer’s market. Never before has the retail client been offered so much choice from so many companies, so many free add ons, such a wide range of trading solutions and a commercial offering that simply cannot be matched by any other method of trading for the retail market.
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Spread betting markets which ones should you trade?

There are around a dozen major spread betting companies offering thousands of markets so how do you decide which market is best for you and more importantly how to make money from it? One of the major spread betting companies was recently advertising that they now offer prices on over 7,000 different markets; that’s a huge number and obviously it’s completely impossible to consider trading them all, even a hundredth of those on offer would be ten times the number that most experienced traders would recommend trying to cover. Ask any owner of a spread betting company and they will tell you that 90% of all their trading volume is placed across less than 150 core markets with the rest of their offering acting as colour to attract new clients in through the door. The major indices (FTSE, Dow, S&P, Dax), the major currency pairs, gold, silver, oil and the top 30 individual shares in the UK, Eurozone and the US will cover the vast majority of all activity placed by the thousands of spread bettors around the country.
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Spread Betting Education what should I know?

Learn how to trade! Spread betting made easy! Technical Analysis for beginners! It would appear that almost every spread betting provider has now joined in the trading education game with this now being seen as a key area of competition; each firm offering increasingly advanced levels of free education as well as access to some of the more recognised traders in the markets today.
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Guaranteed Stops are they Worth the money?

Guaranteed stops are unique to the spread betting industry but unlike some of the recent additions to order types, they have been around for over 15 years and have had moments of extreme popularity to times when anyone considering paying the extra premium to use them was thought to be wasting their money. So are guaranteed stops worth the money or are they like many forms of insurance, redundant for 90% of the time and, for the vast majority of people, unnecessary?
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What is slippage and what does it mean?

It’s a phrase that most regular spread bettors will have heard ‘Sorry Sir (if you are lucky!), due to a gap in the underlying market you have been slipped on your stop loss which has resulted in your order being filled at a price worse than you had specified’. So what does ‘being slipped’ mean and why is it becoming increasingly common in the spread betting industry
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Does my spread betting company want me to lose?

It’s a question that most spread betting companies hate being asked and invariably you’ll get a well-rehearsed and often scripted answer from the person at the end of the email of phone. So what is the real answer to this one? Does your spread betting company really want you to lose your money?
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Is Mobile Trading for you?

The spread betting industry has been at the forefront of technological advancements for mobile trading with more and more providers now offering trading solutions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad. With so many devices now covered it seems as though the whole spread betting world is going mobile and whether you choose to use the various Apps to simply monitor the markets, check your open positions or actually trade is does appear that trading on the move is going to become a bigger part of how business is transacted. The market leader, IG Group, has been keen to update the market as to how many more clients are now using their mobile and tablet solutions and this is only likely to encourage more of the smaller players to add these trading options to their current online service.
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Spreads, are is the cheapest always the best?

You can’t pick up a newspaper or a financial magazine these days without seeing an advert from one of the spread betting companies offering reduced spreads on their major markets or talking about their lowest ever spreads. We all know that competition in any market results in lower prices and the spread betting industry is no different. Whilst we haven’t seen a new spread betting entrant for a couple of years now, the existing major players (there are around a dozen of them) have become increasingly desperate to attract your custom.
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Spread Betting? I'm a Trader not a gambler!

I’ve been in the spread betting industry for over 20 years and if I’d have been given a pound for every time I’d heard that statement, well, you know the rest.
Written by Stuart Lane at 11:13

What does it take to be a successful Trader?

When I started trading, I thought it was the best thing ever. The buzz of the financial markets, the volatility, CNBC and Bloomberg, expert opinions, earnings season, FED days, triple witching expirations, Non-Farm Payrolls were but a few of the items that I soon got familiar with.
Written by Tom Hougaard at 16:00

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